Thursday, December 18, 2014

Santa Claus is supposed to visit the library this morning.  My coworker busted her hump decorating the juvenile section so that we have a comfy fireplace sitting area complete with Christmas tree and rocking chair for the photo ops.

Photo ops. . . . it is raining like icky this morning.  Not a real rain, just drizzle and cold enough to help you decide there is NOTHING outside your front door that can't wait until later.  School is still in session.  I have a feeling between the weather and school, there will be very few children sitting on Santa's knee this morning.

Am I sad?  No.  I'm not particularly fond of Santa, children, Christmas, or this time of year.  So I'm just my usual snarky self.  OH wait!  I am older courtesy of December 12, 2014 I am forty-nine years of age.

The miracle is that I've reached this age without going to jail or developing a serious health issue, like cancer, heart failure or liver disease.   For this I am grateful but am fully aware that I have somehow just managed to skate on very thin ice.  Doesn't mean I'm gonna change my habits, but I have chosen to indulge my habits a little more circumspectly.  

On that note I must sign off.   Please pray that the staff doesn't try to make me take a pic on Santa's knee!

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