Monday, April 2, 2012

Beyond Method #7

I tried ZOHO first......what a mistake.  I tried to upload a powerpoint presentation--no go.  I got an error message.  So I go to the help section and in the forums I find post after post of people having serious problems with ZOHO presentations.  The responses from ZOHO weren't impressive either.  The experience did not impress me.

I checked out PREZI.  Since I don't remember much I think it's safe to say it was either overwhelming with technical stuff or just didn't light my fire.

I absolutely adore Google Chrome.  I am not fond of the presentation app.  Maybe that's a bit harsh.  If I created  a presentation in the Google Presentation app I'm sure I'd be okay with it.  Like the other apps in Google Chrome, there aren't as many bells and whistles with formatting.  I uploaded a presentation I already had.  I lost quite a few of the colors, transitions and special effects in the upload.

As you noticed in the Beyond Method #6....Sliderocket and I have become friends.

The above presentation is one I have developed as part of monthly computer classes we offer our patrons and the public.  For this particular project, I used the My PC Series website.  Great site for info for anyone who is involved in teaching computer classes. 

I discovered this site during a webinar on WebJunction.  Great material and free to anyone.  I have a feeling I'm going to get a lot of mileage from that site.  Since I don't want to sell Microsoft products to anyone, I took advantage of the site's offer to edit or modify the information as needed.

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