Monday, April 2, 2012

Beyond Method #8

Screencasting......I don't like the way my voice sounds. YUCK!!  At least, thanks to my parents, I have decent diction.  This could really be a useful tool for the library.  In our PAC Lab (public access computer) the internet homepage is the library's website.  My coworker and I would love to post a short video about printing, PAC Lab rules, etc.....  Our printed signs in large font on very colorful cardstock between every two computer don't seem to help our patrons AT ALL........Is it just me or do you find that some library patrons don't read?

Anyway, the short video I created is how to access TexShare Databases.  Unfortunately not many of our patrons use this resource.  The only patrons I have successfully referred to TexShare were adults who had returned to college.  They were truly appreciative of the resources available for free.

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