Thursday, December 15, 2011

December 2011 Beyond Two Stepping

So I'm back on my blog. First time to post since August 2011. Things have been changing in our little corner of Southeast Texas.

The Kirbyville Public Library is getting a new Library Director. Pearl (my co-worker) and I have been waiting somewhat impatiently for the appointment. We're not sure what to expect. I have a feeling we may have over there such a thing as being over prepared?

This offer of getting a second introduction to 2.0 Library tools is desperately what I need to get a good running start for the new year.

I did actually build an avatar. I used Yahoo. I still don't see the attraction in this. Maybe I've read too many sci-fi/fantasy novels where the avatar became sentient: Blade Runner; I Robot; Andre Norton's Witch World series; Cat's Paw; Repairman Jack series by F. Paul Wilson. There are no real happy endings. Of course if you like Japanese anime or cinema, you know there is NO such thing as a happy ending (see a Japanese Tale with Toni Collette).

Anyway onward and forward we march into the fray!

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