Thursday, December 15, 2011

Beyond Two Stepping #2

A customizable web page? At first I hated the thought of the concept. I actually downloaded Google Chrome and had an iGoogle page that I deleted because it wasn't user friendly.

BOY HOWDY!!!! I don't know what I'd do without my iGoogle page now. It has everything I need in one convenient location. My calendar: webinars, library events, deadlines for projects. My bookmarks: from merriam-webster to webjunction; Weather widget to know what it's like outside because I have no windows; Reader feed to stay on top of newsletters from various sites and RSS feeds; GMAIL widget (it shows up on my iGoogle page, but I prefer to go to gmail to handle my mail): It doesn't matter. I can see it all in a glance.

In our Adult Basic Computer Classes, I have been showing off my page to explain how/why/security/etc.... of having everything in the cloud right there at my finger tips.

For libraries to use to the public is another issue. For me that falls into the same category as figuring out E-rate and social networking and computer lab policy: NEEDS MORE WORK and COMMUNICATION between all interested parties.

For some reason I lost my mind and read the Gates proposal to the FCC ruling on broadband high speed internet for all US citizens....why oh why did I do that to my brain?

I'm still trying to jump off the roller coaster without breaking my neck. To best serve the public in my corner of the world (SE TEXAS) I need to remain calm, and keep all my little brain cells functioning appropriately to our specific needs.

So now that I've used this space to whine, I'm going to turn my attention to updating the computers in our public access lab and the Juvenile section. 20 computers to update Adobe, JAVA, MS and whatever else they need to function properly for our patrons. Say a prayer for me!

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