Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beyond Method 9

That was a project. My first impression of the presentations, digital stories and the sites provided for exploring was confusion. Initially I didn't see the difference in uploading a Slide presentation w/narration or music. What's the difference? Smilebox and and Mixbook just seemed like repositories of templates for presentations.

Granted the available templates are very, very slick.  I can see why they get used...but I didn't see much difference in what a library might use.  As a resource for our patrons, I think it is fantastic.  Especially since Smilebox and Mixbook basically hold your hand and guide you through the process.  That is neat!

I finally decided to use what we already have loaded on our computers our library:  Windows Movie Maker.  I used a PowerPoint presentation that our Library Director, Tammy Johnson prepared as an advocacy tool.  I stripped away titles and captions she had placed on her slides and saved individual pictures in a jpeg folder in My Pictures. 

I uploaded the photos individually to Movie Make and established a timeline.  Fiddled with the transition and clip tools, etc.....  My first attempt at recording narration was an absolute joke.  My ego got the better of me and I tried to "wing it".  M I S T A K E

So I jotted down bullet items and tried again.  This time I realized that I had the slides moving too quickly for comfortable and clearly understood narration.  More editing needed.....

I have included the final version here.  You may notice that I uploaded the video to YouTube so that I could get a embed code.  I also tagged the YouTube file with libraries and TSLAC .   

I hope it makes sense. Oopsie!!! I saved the thing as private. So I'm gonna try this again

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