Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beyond Method 10

Tell us if you have ever used any online meeting or online conferencing tools. If so, which ones? Is your library currently using any of these tools in conjunction with staff or patrons?

Yes our library uses online meeting tools or rather we access online meeting/conferencing tools for continuing education Webinars.  TSLAC live and archived webinars have been lifesavers for us with budget contraints. 

Prior to working for the library I was employed as an agency producer for a Farmers Insurance Agent.  Farmers uses online meeting/conference tools for training on new products, computer programing enhancements, etc...  I'm comfortable with these tools and love the fact that I don't have to travel to a site for training. 

The benefits are tremendous and I'm only sorry this wasn't available sooner.  The idea of interating with our patrons using these tools is new to me.  Definitely have to throw that tidbit into the idea pond and see what we catch. 

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