Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beyond Method 11

  1. Discuss your experience with online survey tools.  How does your library typically survey its patrons? Do you see that changing in light of anything covered here? Why or why not? And regarding live audience survey tools such as PollEverywhere, do you see a use for such tools in your library?

I have little experience with "serious" online survey tools.  I have taken the retail store survey shown on my receipt to be entered in a chance to win a $1000 shopping card.  I have taken surveys from the online monsters for retail giants like at Valued Opinions (they offer samples, discount coupons, etc. . . for participating in their online surveys). 

Our library director has embedded a survey on our library's website.  In our computer lab when a patron accesses the internet explorer, our website is the home page.  Very, very few patrons glance at the site or take the poll.  Even though we have pictures from our latest or current programs posted as eyecatchers, most of our patrons simply choose to go as quickly as possible to whatever site they came to our library to use (email, WIC, banking, etc..)

In planning our Library Snapshot event this year, my director has become very excited because of my participation in these courses.  She has asked that I brainstorm and play around with all the tools so that we can use them to gather data, opinion and hopefully light a fire under our community to advocate for their library's services.  Specifically:  using online presentations or a digital story combined with  survey/test/poll to trigger active participation in something, anything by our patrons.  The idea is if we lure them in with interactive and fun "bait" we can mine their minds for how to best meet their needs and vocalize our importance to the community more clearly to our City Council and funding sources. 

Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!

The live survey tools will come in handy especially when we host/co-facilitate the next Adult Computer Class.  One of the sections of the course is going to include a live survey.  (If I have mastered the program well enough by the first Thursday in August, 2011.)

I have an account with ZOHO and it offers an online test.  I did some exploring to try to determine what the response limits were.  Most of the suggested survey sites limited the questions to 10 and under with Total complete survey responses to 100-200 in a month.  The questions me crafted very carefully to get responses with the most impact.  

I'll have to research some more, but right now surveygizmo http://www.surveygizmo.com/ looks like a good fit for our needs. 

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