Monday, July 18, 2011

Beyond Method 8

How much fun could this be?!!!!   So many ideas blasted through my head when I realized the extent of what is available for FREE online and in the cloud.  

I put together a really quick and dirty screencast.  When I replayed it,  I realized it was way too rough to use.  Concept of concepts, Screenr lets me delete my mess...I love this stuff!

The only reason I haven't made 3 or 4 of these quick videos and posted them on our library website, my Facebook account, my blog and various and sundry other places is that it does take time and planning to execute a product I won't be ashamed to find posted out there in the "cloud". 

Our Library Director wasn't in Friday when I initally explored this concept.  So first thing Monday morning, I hit her with what we could do.  She is as excited as I am.  Of course (and this is why she is the library director) she immediately realized that producing a quality product requires time and where in the world is this 3 person library going to find that time.  

We'll figure it out.  This is too valuable a tool to allow to sit fallow.  It needs to be shared and we need to teach our patrons how to access it also. 

In my screencast, I gave instructions on how to access the TexShare Databases from our library's website.  It is still rough, but all in all I'm not ashamed of my attempt.

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