Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beyond Method 7

I worked with an existing presentation I had from a simple project from last summer.  Uploading to my Google account was a breeze.  For some reason I can't get ZOHO to see the Google presentation file so that I can import it to my account there.  It has been driving me crazy.  I'm sure it's some small detail that I'm overlooking and will want to scream at myself about when I figure it out. 

(Somebody really needs to invent a font that accurately portrays sarcasm.  But that's for a whole different set of issues.)  At any rate....I like the idea of uploading presentations with the capability of sharing them with others in a virtual learning environment.  Just have to remember the same principles apply in a slide presentation where ever you show them: 
a - Not too wordy
b - Not so many whirly eye-catching animation
c - No weird sound effects (be appropriate)
d - Slide presentations are not the place to display your humor (especially if you're like me and it doesn't translate AT ALL).  I learned that the hard way and it was not fun.

Strange how fast technology goes....I remember working for a non-profit in the Houston, Texas area and I thought it was absolutely fabulous that with the intranet I could simply access my training presentations from the Learning Facilities they had set aside.  I didn't have to take anything with me but handouts and props. 
Of course that was about 10 years ago....

Buying out the time to use these applications is the real sticking point.; at least it is for me.  How can I demonstrate and teach patrons to access these wonderful tools when I'm still stumbling around?  Maybe I'll use this weekend to work out a strategy.

I'm going to master this! 

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