Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beyond 2 stepping/Method 3: Where in the World? Google Maps

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Okay.  I went over the videos again.  It is easy to use, navigate and has the potential to add pizazz to a blog, website, etc...
Obviously I haven't gone over the top yet.  I would explain my unique situation but it would take too long and in reality it is as boring as heck.

So for the interesting bits....
I adore bookstores.  I could spend all my salary on books and magazines.  Cookbooks, sci-fi/fantasy, suspense, romance, young adult & even children's books, I love them all.  If I ever become independently wealthy, I'll have to build a library wing onto my house.   It will have custom built-in bookshelves, huge comfy chairs and lounging sofas, a nice big table to spread out research papers and books, great lighting, stereo surround sound for the mood music and so so so much more.

If I figure out a way to become independently wealthy I'll be sure to let all my friends know.  Hopefully it won't include the lottery, marrying an old man, blackmail or murder!  lololololol

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