Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Advanced Dance Method 4: employment resources

I appreciated the introduction to .  I have heard about this site from a patron/volunteer who teaches a basic adult computer class in our library once a month. 

The VisualCV (  ) and sites  ( ) are interesting.  Of course the sample I chose to look at on VisualCV was a Second Life guy.  My co-worker is a resident of Second Life and is an ardent supporter of the site.  Even ALA (American Libraries Association) maintains a presence in Second Life:   ALA Island.  The link takes you to the ALA website and an article with an overview of the many events, concerts, book discussions etc... held in Second Life.

What really lit my fire for this site was Goodwill Community Foundation
Their site offers so many different types of online learning,  From computer basics to mobile apps to math, reading, etc...AND makes it available free of charge to individuals.  I've asked our director to consider making a link to the site from our library web page.  She went even futher by suggesting we make the link available from each computer desktop in our computer lab. 

I saw green when I looked at the New Jersey State Library's Virtual Career Center.  Envy is eating me alive.   Our Workforce Commission in Texas is steadily taking hits budgetwise like libraries all over the state.  The Workforce Center nearest our library is very much aware of the services available in Texas libraries and not only refer persons but some representatives use the services themselves.
We have a link to the Texas Workskills Development in Libraries site on our web page.
During our adult computer class we show our participants how to access the link from our library homepage to use the mouserobics tutorial for practice as well as some of the other features of the site. 

The Texas Workforce Commission has created a job search database for job seekers to utilize. Newcomers to computer usage find the site a little difficult to use.  Our staff limitations restrict the amount of time we are able to give our patrons when accessing this site.  I am so glad I work in this community.  Even when the assistance we provide is limited our patrons are generously appreciative. 

and so ends Advance Dance Method 4

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