Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beyond Method 5

Social cataloging.  Sounds wonderful.  I interact with a couple of patrons who have eclectic tastes in reading material.  I have experimented a little by suggesting authors and books to each of them and getting their feedback.  A Book Club or Discussion Group would be fascinating if they were able to interact.  They are thoughtful readers and can be wonderfully insightful in their comments on the material they have read.

Alas, they all have schedules that our society's hectic pace seem to require. Our library doesn't have space for them to use even if we were even able to schedule a regular meeting.  So.....this apprentice Librarian 2.0 is going to attempt to introduce them to Goodreads  I'm there as Melissa and my user name is Lissasbooks. 

I've always had this wispy kind of wish that I had a list of books I've read, authors I love to read, a wish list of authors and books etc....  The enormity of the wish has kept me from ever actually attempting to compile said list.  I've included fleshing out my Goodreads account as one of my "must do" projects. 

LibraryThing, Shelfari and Goodreads all seem to be interesting sites.  I looked at each one and read blogs and comments of persons who have explored and chosen from the sites.  I chose to go with Goodreads.  The site appears more youthful and exciting that LibraryThing.  Stereotypes, here I come, but LibraryThing looks like an old-fashioned library tool. Actually reminds me of an obsolete card catalog.  Not in appearance but that it seems more intellectually and clinically driven.  Books are a lot of things to me, but fun/joy is the top of my adjective list when I begin to describe them.  Goodreads appealed to that sense in my psyche. 

Goodreads is a little unwieldy but it is certainly much better than the spreadsheet I would have created on my own. 

Hey Cloud!  Here I  Come ! ! ! ! ! !

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