Friday, June 17, 2011

Beyond 12 steps: Dust off that blog!

I played around some more with the appearance of my blog.  I'm not content with it as it stands and am eager to get to some more of the possibilities.  Time constraints limit my time to play.  Even though I attempted to assuage my conscience with the notion that this was continuing education, the library needs me!

I like being needed.  Especially when I can see that a difference is being made.  I had a wonderful experience yesterday afternoon.  I was working on this assignment when one of our patrons came into the library.  I went to assist her.  After she left, another patron who was in the stacks came to the circulation desk and complimented me effusively for being such a wonderful person.  She even called me an "angel" for taking the time and compassion to assist the previous patron. 

That's why I'm posting my blog today, even though I started work yesterday.  I would love to tell everyone that I really am a paragon of virtues, but it just isn't true.  I basked in the glory of the compliment even through picking up and straightening shelves after exuberant  pre-k kids in the youth section at closing time. I won't tell you what I was thinking and mumbling under my breath.

Because of instances where I can make a difference and someone notices - I am going to remain open to Librarian 2.0.  My community deserves the best I can offer!

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