Friday, June 17, 2011

Advanced Dance Method 2

Okay.  I had no idea that when I played around with iGoogle several months ago that I was venturing into part of the "new frontier".  It was fun for a couple of days using iGoogle as my homepage, then it got really old.  I didn't like have the extra steps. Or at least it felt like extra steps to get to the places I visit most often when I get a chance to sit at my computer. 

I did go an revisit the potential after reading the articles and visiting the library sites that use NetVibes.  I'll have to do more research before I can give a truly definitive answer.  I know I need to get a NetVibes account and see what it has to offer.  Can I sync what I have on Google with NetVibes?  I didn't see anyone address that head on in the comments or articles. 

Of course there is sooooo much to read on Michael Stephens site!!!  Where will I ever find the time?  I feel I need to find the time because his articles are always clear, concise and BRIEF.  But there is so much content. I feel like an ant amonst elephants on his site. 

Having a site like NetVibes can provide that is public and more userfriendly may be a real plus in our library.  Right now, the library's webpage is the home page when users access our computer lab.  Our director adds new photographs of library events and headlines, surveys, etc..... regularly.  From actual observation, the only persons who actually look at the site are the ones who are brand new to computers and are invariably going to ask for assistance to get to a specific website. 

I like knowing that we have the option of creating an alternate site.  Because of who sponsors our website currently there are some restrictions/guidelines of what source content we can embed on our site.  If we had a NetVibes site, we could add lots of eyecatching media, maybe even video. 

To pitch the idea to the director I have to be confident in my ability not only to establish the site but probably to maintain it.   In the first 12 steps I decided I would take the advice Stephen Abraham:  spend 15 minutes daily using and exploring Web 2.0  It looks like I will need to adjust the amount of that daily time to absorb as much as possible.

I also need to learn to start at home.  TSL home page and archived webinars:  Tech Tools with Tine: 1 hour of Netvibes!  Where are my ruby slippers?  There is no place like home.  There's no place like home. There's no place like home.........

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