Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Method 6: Libraries Change Lives

I appreciate the clear concise picture painted by the narrator in this video.  It speaks in under 3 minutes to all that is good about the potential libraries can unlock in patrons, young or old.

This is only one in a series of videos available on YouTube about library advocacy.  There is another terrific short video about the "out of pocket" cost of services to patrons. 

I know that librarians everywhere are beating the bushes and trying to drum up postive feedback and support for public libraries.  The federal and state "powers that be" are intent on cutting corners to save money for other expenditures.  Unfortunately, "people don't appreciate something unless they have to pay for it."  (I got that quote from a romance novel I read recently.)

Libraries appear to be free to the public.  Libraries appear to be a drain to city government because it is not a revenue generating entity.  What a shame!  Actual cost of services rendered by the typical public library to a community can easily top the amount budgeted for the library staff's salaries. 

How do we make that cost tangible to the decision makers at all levels of government?

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