Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Method 1 and 2

Libraries that block access to the newest applications are positioning a poor technological presence, which is not a good position to take as a bridge in the digital divide for their communities.
Abraham, Stephen. Social Libraries Library Resources and Technical Services Vol 52.2 (April 2008) 19-22

That sentence bothers me.  I actually bristle a little.  My first reaction is defensive, “We’re not blocking access to these new applications.”  When I step back and take an honest look at our library, I realize that we have allowed fear of the unknown permit rationalizing  that the privacy, legal, potential for offending etc….issues validate the decision to remain static.  Who is willing to say, “the buck stops with me” in terms of accountability for the organization (the public library) and it’s financial backer (the city government)? 

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